Viceroy Riviera Maya Resort at Playa del Carmen, Mexico

One of the finest luxurious resorts on the Caribbean Sea is the Viceroy Riviera Maya in Mexico; this is a peaceful peace of heaven on earth. The resort offers combination of eco friendly and private atmosphere with five stars options and amenities. There are 41 villas on this paradise of splendid beaches, blue waters; villas are easily blending in the jungle image with many palms with small friendly monkeys, jumping around. Villas have many features, pools and lounges, there are indoor and outdoor showers, and hand carved items. The interior is inspired by local Mayan architecture, with the finest material brought from whole the world, such as Egyptian cotton, mahogany etc.

The menu is based on the Mexican cuisine with some influences from the Mediterranean region, fresh seafood caught near the resort, carefully chosen meats, wide selection of wines , many Mexican delicacies can be tasted in the dining room, while in front of you is the beautiful view of the sea, the white sands and the palm trees. Due to the many factors making this resort very romantic, it is a popular option for weddings.

The resort has very efficient butler service that will provide every request with highest quality; everything is done in quiet and courteous ways. Upon arrival at the resort Mayan shaman performs a blessing, while the butler gives a special set of hand – made soaps.  The resort offers Wayak Spa, fitness center, sauna baths in Mayan style, massages, facial treatments, using native ingredients. The resort features two restaurants with policy “dine anywhere, anytime” and cozy library lounge, where you can relax, read a book and drink one of the wonderful cocktails.

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