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Everything You Should Know About Japanese Cuisine

Japan is one of the most unique countries in the world, it is not only unique because of the location but also because of their culture, being different has actually been their goal for a very long time. Being also a very rich and developed country it will offer many diverse and joyful experiences. Japanese cuisine is also very unique and to many it can look very peculiar, but today it is one of the famous worldwide cuisines, with many restaurants round the world offering Japanese delicacies, and almost every one of them is specialized for Japanese cuisine.

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, you will probably think of rice, and that is one of the main ingredients, steamed white rice. Japanese use many bowls and plates for one meal; each course is served in a different small bowl. Preparation of the food is very important in the Japanese cuisine, the way it is served is also crucial. Japanese people care to provide meal with dishes that are compact in flavor; this is way in many of the take – away sushi restaurants, foods that are not good and alter one each other taste are placed separately.

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Among other important ingredients in the Japanese cuisine are the noodles, including udon and soba. Noodles are usually served as a substitute to rice, with addition of spices and sauces. Boiled dark green leafy vegetables are often served as salads and are very popular. Being an island country it is no wonder that fish is quite popular in Japan, it can be served raw and it is known as sashimi or it can be served as a sushi. Japanese usually drink green tea or rice wine known worldwide as sake. In Japan it is custom to eat what has been given, so you will offend them if you don’t finish your food especially the rice.

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