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Important Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

Travelling can be fun or disastrous to your health depending on how well you have prepared for the trip. When travelling, you expose your body to a whole new environment that may pose challenges to your health. You have to prepare well, do not leave anything to chance. Here are some gold-worthy tips from AXA PPP International to help you stay healthy on the road

Do research on your destination

Research the area that you intend to visit to get a glimpse of what to expect. This will help you decide if you need to get immunized against various diseases such as polio, yellow fever, typhoid or hepatitis. For example, Malaria is a common ailment that affects people who travel to countries in South America and Africa.

Pack a First Aid Kit

A minor injury such as a cut can significantly distort your plans making your holiday miserable therefore it’s advisable to have a fully equipped first aid kit in your travel bag. Some of the essential things to include in your kit are pain killers, cold medicine, anti- bacterial creams, stomach medicine, bandages, anesthetics and other medical accessory that you deem appropriate. Pre-packaged first aid kits can be purchased from leading pharmaceutical stores near you. Since most of the medications are in liquid or tablet form, ensure that you pack them correctly so as to avoid spills. In addition, ensure that you carry them in a bag that is well aerated to keep them in right condition.

Have the right Clothes, shoes and sunglasses

While on the road, it is of paramount importance to ensure that your wear comfortable. It is also recommendable to purchase quality sunglasses and sun cream that can to protect you from Ultraviolet rays. If the weather is expected to be cold, ensure that you pack enough warm clothes to prevent ailments such as colds, fever and pneumonia.

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Drinking Water

Untreated drinking water is the root cause of all waterborne diseases. Do a research on the quality of the water in the country before you depart. Despite the fact that there are a number of medications such as water purification tablets that can be used to treat water, it is wiser to deter from drinking unsafe water. Be sure to purchase enough bottled or filtered water. Ensure that you keep your body hydrated regularly.

Choose food recipes carefully

Most travelers are tempted to try out new food recipes once they arrive at their destination. Be aware of the ingredients used to prepare a particular recipe so as to prevent allergic reactions. However, this factor should not hold you back from trying out new foods as long as they are professionally prepared.


Finally, one of the sure ways of staying healthy when on the road is by booking accommodation in a quality hotel or resort. The best hotels offer various amenities such as gym and swimming pool that you can use to keep your body fit.

Now, enjoy your travels!

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