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How to Make Spicy Lobster Rolls Recipe at Home

Have you ever tried to stop by at a seafood restaurant roadside and have yourself a tasty lobster roll? Have you ever imagined that you can have it as your main dinner menu with your family? Some people think that lobster roll is hard to find, and it is somewhat true. Lobster roll is only available on certain coastline areas and they cost higher as compared to other kinds of seafood. You will have to pay more when you enjoy them on seafood restaurants and this makes sense when you can save a lot if you know a great recipe in enjoying them.

At least, try to find two or three lobsters if you think that you are able to manage those live creatures. But, if it is hard for you to ‘conquer’ them, you can try buying the fully cooked ones. They are ready for becoming salads or other recipes. First, take out its meat and throw all its knuckles, claws, and tail. Cut the meat into pieces, based on your needs and taste.

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Next, prepare carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and other kind of your favorite veggies. Peel them all and dice them. Add mayonnaise and tarragon on them, then mix them all with those pieces of lobsters. You can add some salt and pepper if you want to. You can enjoy it either in cold or hot condition, as you like. For faster preparation, you can just roast the lobster roll while adding low fat butter for your lunch menus. Your kids can also enjoy them as they are very beneficial for their health as well.

Preparing lobster roll is very easy as long as you can explore your creativity. Visiting some seafood restaurants, or browsing for various recipes online can bring some great ideas for you to try your own cuisines.

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