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Taste Yucatan Foods During Your Trip in Mexico

Mexico is always outstanding when it comes to its historical places, cultural heritages, and surely cuisines. When it comes to restaurant options, tourists will never have any shortage of Mexican food with authentic recipes from native, experienced chefs. One of the most recommended Yucatan cuisine include black beans to replace beans or rice and they are served with stewed and marinated chicken.

Another recommended recipe is steamed spices pork shoulder with banana leaves as its wrapping. The leaves are used for keeping the spices flavor works well so that the food can absorb the spices’ flavor easier. Both tourists and natives like this traditional recipe. Some people who want to try this recipe can just replace pork with chicken or cow for religious reason and it also delivers the same taste. Some other options include turkey (pavo) as it is also rich in proteins. Most traditional Mexican or Yucatan recipes have strong flavors of red sauce with peppery and sweet taste.

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Seafood is another delight from Mexican cuisines as tourists always love to have fresh seafood in several restaurants in Mexico. Among various sea creatures, which are very delicious and healthy to munch include dolphin, white shrimp, grouper, snapper, octopus and definitely lobster. Some restaurants only serve simple recipes for their seafood servings as they are provided along with peppers, tomatoes, onions, and cilantro as the must-included spice on all Mexican cuisines. Especially for Yucatan recipes, they mostly emphasizes on the combination of Arabic and Asian recipes where everyone will always enjoy all kinds of meats with onions and roasted tomatoes as for the sauces ingredients.

Among the best regions in Mexico where there are so many options of authentic Mexican restaurants such as Alcapulco, Los Gabos, Veracruz or Oaxaca. Surely, anyone who has more tine in exploring many cities in Mexico will find abundant options of Yucatan or Mexican cuisines in almost every restaurant in every city in Mexico.

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