The Best Place to Watch Whales in Australia

Summer is not over yet and you still have great chances to witness whales in Australia coastline. It is true that this small, yet beautiful island is rich of many other amusing attractions. But whales sightseeing are not supposed to be missed. The beauty of whales—from ‘parents to their kids’—become such magnificent phenomenon as they are easily seen only at the beginning of June to the end of September. This is the time when whales raise calves after giving birth. The route of migratory whales is on the Australia coastline because it offers serene Coral Sea waters. This is the perfect place for mate and gives birth and this is the reason why global tourists prefer to witness the beauty of whale migrating and swimming around their boats.

Other places where tourists can witness the beauty of migrating whales include Cape Naturaliste, New South Wales and Victor harbor. Those three places become the natural venues for those whales to play and it will deliver incredible, unique experiences that no other continent in the world can rival. Especially at Sydney harbor, the playing whales are available for the whole year and this becomes great place for whale sightseeing.

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Cruising on Australia surely can bring such wonderful experience, not only whales attractions but also the whole beauty of Australian coastline. Based on the descriptions above, you can choose the best time in taking sea travel by cruising to this beautiful continent. Booking in advance during July to September is a must because Australia is always flooded with tourists during those months. Facilities for most cruises to Australia are top notch as they always meet the demands of high class tourists for enjoying luxury sea travel in the continent. Cruises trips are always available during the whole week from various cruising companies so that there will be no shortage of option for cruising.

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