The Facts of WpIT18 and its Dashboard

Have any idea what WpiIT18 Stands for? If you operate the internet every day, then it is sure that you know about It is a site where the people of the Philippines can participate and sig-in in the rooster fights. On this site, you are also able to participate and take part in the competition. The main thing is that this is a platform for fights between roosters. From this site’s dashboard, anyone can join the big rooster tournament and participate in the tournament. 

Have you ever imagined that rooster fighting has become so popular worldwide? There are lots of games available that are played by humans and also animals. But in the last few years, because of the pandemic, people are addicted to the internet and drive their minds to play online games and not touch the physical games but play games virtually at home, sitting in the corner of the bed. Later we discuss WpIT18 and its dashboard and why it is so popular.

What is is a site that is made to live-telecast the rooster fights in real-time. The fights last long about five to four minutes, and the winner rooster is still alive at the end. This site and the game is banned in most countries, but in some country, that game is still running. This site’s attractive dashboard attracts online users to use it and take part in it. is an organization under the World Pit Cup that maintains the rooster fights. Players bring their best rooster to fight. People from all over the world are participating in this tournament. Day by day, the popularity of this game is growing, and the reason behind this is the dashboard of this site.

By adding and registering your personal information on the site, you can earn 100 points which are important to continue your gaming experience. At the bottom of the dashboard, some videos are available which are helpful for you if you are using this site or dashboard for the first time. 


  • This is a Free online gaming platform
  • A human can access the dashboard as a guest or on a free version of this website.
  • You are getting free 100 points for playing
  •  By betting on the rooster fighting big tournament, there is a big chance to win a great reward.
  • The Philippines is a country which very famous for its WpIT18 tournament. 
  • This also has a Rgbutc social media account on Facebook.

How do Wp18 and its dashboard work?

WpIT18 has a famous word which is: WPC  Lots of people are taking part in this tournament, and this will be discussed below:

  • WPC has its own rules and regulations.
  • Before signing in to the dashboard, you need to read the rules.
  • Instant live show showing is easy.
  • The time given by the referee is the best option for WpIT18.

It is easy to sign up ad use the site. But after signing in, you are able to access all the files. Hope this hot topic might get you some idea about WpIT18 and the dashboard of this site.

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