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The Best Places in the World To Propose Marriage

When you are ready to propose marriage to your beloved, and of course you want to hear a clear yes as an answer, you can add more finesse and romance in the act. If you are not into doing dramas and making movies out of it and if you can afford it, you can always take your half on a vacation, find a romantic, peaceful yet not abandoned place and propose. Proposing on a deserted beach, while the sun is setting, and the colors of red, pink and gold are on the horizon is a classic one, and now it probably even a cliché.

While proposing on a beach it might be said it is a little old fashioned, it is surely still quite romantic, so if you have decided for this kind of proposal than you can do this in many tropical islands worldwide, such as the islands of Hawaii, where many proposals are made and there are resorts that organize celebrations after it. Amongst other good destinations are the islands in the Caribbean, there are many spots here that offer crystal turquoise waters and white sands with spectacular sunsets and peaceful surrounding.

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If you have decided to propose in a more crowded or civilized place, you can do these in most of the countries on the Mediterranean. In Italy you should surely think of Venice, which with its splendid architecture and Dollar Tree Compass watery canals, with all the lights at night it is one of the most romantic cities in the world, you can take a gondola and propose in the canals of Venice, where you can smell the fresh water and the local Italian cuisine. Another very popular destination is the capital city of France, Paris, which is very often called the city of love.

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