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Bali Travel Tips: What to Know Before You Go

Everyone knows Bali is a very beautiful island with rich cultural touch in every corner of its cities. There are millions of visitors throughout the world, who have no doubt in visiting this island for even more than three times! However, if you have never been there, there are important facts that you should know as the island has very strong mindset about sacred places and habits.

  • People in Bali has strong belief in keeping some places as sacred ones. Be sure not to step on some flowers that they put in front of their homes or stores, whenever you walk in the pedestrians, or even to some markets selling souvenirs like Sukawati.
  • The tropical weather always welcomes every tourist at anytime. The island will be more crowded during Indonesian holidays.
  • Traveling with limited budget is convenient here because you still can shop for various arrays of clothes, souvenirs, ethnic accessories and so forth.
  • Be careful with the traffic because there are some rules which may not work well in the country. Remember, this island is in third world countries where rules mostly do not exist.
  • Bali is considered safer when it is compared to other cities in Indonesia. Sometimes, there are crimes like pickpocket stealing on tourists because they think that tourists are always rich.
  • Hotels and villas in Bali are convenient and the luxurious ones always provide drivers if you rent cars or you can just have a bike to enjoy nearby places.

It is common to see bargaining prices when it comes to transportation whether you want to ride on a ‘becak’ (Indonesia’s typical vehicle), or a taxi. Keep in mind that there should be clear agreement between you and the driver because there can be misunderstandings in terms of price and destination.

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