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Aviation Museum in China – All You Need To Know

Aviation Museum is located at Xiangshan, China.  This museum is the largest in Asia that is famous in displaying aircraft vestiges. The museum covers area of 1,000 acres. The museum contains the collection of over 100 types of models, 200 aircrafts, and 700 patterns of equipment and weapons like antiaircraft artillery, missiles, aerial bombs, air-defense radar etc.  The visit to museum also helps you understand the world’s greatest aviation technology and the treasures and modern aircraft equipment like 99 trainer aircraft advanced model, Yak-17, IL-10, F-12 etc. The management also allows you to take a look at original study materials and also allows you to participate in various aviation activities.

Cavern Exhibition-Hall

This Exhibition hall is located towards the south covering the area of 20,000sqmts.  In cavern exhibition hall the visitors can get to see various ancient flight inventions and also they can observe the most modern and high-speed fighter planes, this shows how the technology evolved and how the man become more innovative in making such incredible aircrafts. The right side of the exhibits you can see the aviation history of China and also you can observe various models of manufacturers and aircrafts from U.S, Soviet Union, France, Canada, Japan, etc.  The left side of the exhibits is modern aircrafts of China.  The back side of the hall you can observe missiles, radars, artilleries etc.

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Open-air Exhibition Vicinity

Open-air Exhibition is located at north side.  The area is divided into two parts as the Hero Avenue scurry through open air exhibition.  You can observe an artificial lake towards the left side of Hero Avenue.  The lake planes are visible on southern side, they were used particularly for display of great people and northern side the bombers and various types of special aircrafts are exhibited.

Visit this outstanding Aviation Museum in China, each hall displays the significant facts of Aviation and displays breathtaking history of the aviation and authentication of aircrafts technology. Enjoy the visit and learn more about Aviation.

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