Walk Into a Whole New World This Fall in The Pocono Mountains

POCONO MOUNTAINS, Pa. – Visitors to the Pocono Mountains Carbon, Monroe, Pike and Wayne counties, this fall, are invited to explore another world that has rare plants, wildlife, babbling brooks and incredible colors. It’s as easy as putting on those walking shoes and hitting the trails for an adventure that promises lasting memories.

In the day-to-day schedule that many live by, escape is a welcome retreat. Whether or not someone is an “outdoorsy person,” visitors will be surprised how refreshing and intriguing a walk through the woodlands or meadows of the Pocono Mountains can be. For some, it’s a struggle to pull away from the allure of shopping malls, waterparks and other attractions, but once they experience what’s in-store in the natural environment, they will have discovered a whole new world.

While walking along a trail in the Pocono Mountains, visitors are apt to find rare plants such as the carnivorous pitcher plant and the Rhodri, which is only found here and in the woods of New Hampshire. Wildlife watching abounds whether it’s spotting deer, bald eagles, woodpeckers, frogs, otters or their tracks. Children are especially delighted when they find they’re among creatures of the wild.

The Nature Conservancy has named the Pocono Mountains one of the Last Great Places; not only for the rare plants and animals, but for the breathtaking scenery. Autumn brings a palate of colors to the Pocono Mountains. An unhurried stroll promises one of the best ways to not just see the colors of fall, but to experience them – passing by branches of gold, red and orange; feeling the fallen leaves crackle under every footstep. Overlooks in higher elevations create a window to view the waves of color from afar. Walking by a waterfall is a common occurrence, as the Pocono Mountains has endless miles of streams tricking down mountainsides.

There are several types of trails from which to choose. Visitors will find trails blazed with gravel, some trails are former railroad beds called rail trails, others follow rivers and streams and some are simply paths cut through wooded or open areas.

Visitors can leave intimidation behind, special skills or equipment are not needed to enjoy a leisurely walk off the beaten path. Most trails are clearly marked, groomed and maps are often provided. Visitors can find these trails in any one of the Pocono Mountains’ seven state parks – Big Pocono, Hickory Run, Lehigh Gorge, Promised Land, Gouldsboro, Tobyhanna and Beltsville. The famed Appalachian Trail treks across the Kittatinnyite Mountains near Delaware Water Gap. In the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, visitors can find many hiking and nature trails including the McDade Trail. Whether it’s in a park or out on their own, there are plenty of places for visitors to enjoy a stroll and discover a whole new world.

More information on where to find walking trails is available in the Pocono Mountains and Northeast Pennsylvania Outdoor Discovery Map, available free of charge from the Pocono Mountains Vacation Bureau, Inc. It can be ordered by calling 800-POCONOS (800-762-6667) or online at by clicking on “order brochures.” The Pocono Mountains Vacation Bureau, Inc. is the official destination marketing organization for the four-county Pocono Mountains region of Carbon, Monroe, Pike and Wayne in northeastern Pennsylvania.

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