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Remarkable Profit Posted By Jet Airways

Jet Airways owner Naresh Goyal, the main airlines in Mumbai has recorded a remarkable profit for the quarter ended in June. Jet Airways posted a net income of Rs 3.5 crore for the primary quarter ending 30 June 2010 as compared to net loss of Rs 225 crore for the corresponding period last year. This comes right from the reporting company to a loss of Rs 40 crore after interest but before extraordinary item, but unlike higher depreciation of Rs 54 crore outstanding posts has helped the corporate achieve net profits.

The total revenues of Jet Airways during the quarter under review increased by 25 percent to Rs 2965 crore, against Rs 2.371 crore last year. Continuous improvement of the Jet Airways domestic travel industry and high safety factors on international routes, Jet Airways has helped increase revenue from operations at Rs 2.747 crore. It included Rs 105 crore earned by the leasing of aircraft. Domestic operations accounted for 44 per cent of total revenue and therefore the remaining 56 percent of international operations. Safety factors including the amount of passengers traveling on domestic routes stood at 79.1 percent while the international side, is 80.1 percent.

Jarlite may be a wholly owned subsidiary of Jet Airways India Ltd, has also shown an interesting improvement in operating earnings and revenue passengers for the quarter, raising quite one million for the three months ended June 2010. Increased reliability of services and code share, Jet Airways has already enabled the corporate to improve its penetration of Travel in India.

In the domestic segment competitive low-cost initiative to introduce Jet Airways Jet Airways Connect service in May 2009, also contributed to its success, the record load factors averaged 81 percent, higher safety factors WAN and revenue. Jet also launched Connect Select a replacement premium service airline Jet Airways Connect. The success of Connect Select a replacement premium offers another example given by Jet Airways of understanding of the dynamic needs of Indian consumers.

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