Empire State Building Tours Are Must for Every New York Visitor

Empire State Building tours are one of the best activities that a tourist can take part while in New York. The Empire State building is a part of living history of New York and it has maintained tourist interest even after so many years.

People join the Empire State Building tours to live up to the nostalgia associated with this building and also glimpse at New York from one of the most iconic landmarks in the Big Apple. NY SKYRIDE located on the second floor of the Empire State Building offers virtual tours to visitors who want to experience the skyline of New York in a flight simulation. In this half hour virtual tour, guests will fly over 30 sights that are famous in New York.

Along with this, guests will also get to enjoy two pre-shows, first called “I Am New York” which is a perspective of the history of the Empire State Building and the second called “Top 10 Things To Do In New York”, a presentation on the top tourist activities in New York.

The NY SKYRIDE virtual tour is open 365 days a year, from 8 AM to 10 PM and visitors can also get retail COMBO tickets that include tickets to NY SKYRIDE as well as Empire State Building Observatory. The specially designed platform in the NY SKYRIDE virtual tour moves in sync to an 18 feet high-definition screen.

The 30 minute tour is narrated by actor Kevin Bacon and the tour takes visitors through some of the most popular landmarks of the city. Along with the virtual tour, visitors can also get New York Sightseeing Pass from NY SKYRIDE to explore the best attractions in the city and still stay within their budget.

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