New Site Takes the Guess Work from Vacation Rentals

A new website has taken the drudgery and uncertainty from vacation rentals. The site,, makes looking for a place to rent at some fabulous vacation spot as easy as—well, booking a room at a hotel—and with all the advantages that vacation rentals have over the conventional way of taking a holiday. classifies its sites not just according to destinations. It also categorizes them according to interest or travel ideas. Want a vacation spent snorkeling? Then what about a two-bedroom cottage in the Bahamas—complete with alfresco dining, Wi Fi, and plasma TV for only $109 a night?

Or have you just gotten married and want to unwind after the wedding? Then click on the word “honeymoon” and get a list of places to stay in romantic Italy, including a one-bedroom apartment in Venice “with fantastic views of the Grand Canal” for just $108 a night.

The site therefore does away then with going through each property listed on a typical vacation rentals site and slogging through the description, often badly or spottily written, and guessing whether these properties actually match one’s own plans or preferences.

The site also offers numerous options on places to stay—from bed and breakfasts, short-term rentals, home rentals, and condo rentals. One could also choose a studio apartment, a villa, a cabin, or a resort. One could opt to stay in the middle of the city, in a small town, in the middle of a grand estate, along a lakeshore, or in the mountains.

Each property is also accompanied with numerous photographs that show different views within it—and sometimes, of the stunning scenery from within. Some properties also have photographs of how they look from the street.

The properties for rent listed in the site also range from brownstone apartments in New York City to log cabins with satellite TV and hot and cold plumbing in the Rockies; from modern apartments in the middle of Paris to century-old farmhouses with retrofitted modern amenities just outside Seville in Spain.

One can also choose from a variety of budgets, from affordable rentals like studio-type apartments in the middle of Rome to posh, fully furnished modern houses along the coast in South Africa for a thousand dollars a night.

One can also examine what kind of amenities are available in each property, like the juicer, hob cooker, and hair dryer in a three-bedroom duplex in Granada in an old, historic neighborhood. One can also choose properties that accept pets, or which are accessible to the differently abled, or which have housekeeping.

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