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Bulgaria is a Great Travel Place for Sports and Recreation

If you are looking for an adventure, Bulgaria is a destination that offers great variety of activities and sports you can do while you are in the country. It is an attractive place, and all this comes at quite cheap prices.

The eastern parts of Bulgaria are located on the shores of the Black sea, thus Bulgaria offers the opportunity of many water sports, besides diving and swimming, there are many clubs where you can rent equipment and go for surfing, kite and wind surfing, there is also Jet Ski and beat excursions. There are also great places to go for fishing, and there is under water fishing.

In the central and western parts of Bulgaria there is more mountainous terrain, actually one third of the country is under mountains and hills, where you can go for hiking and trekking, there are completely equipped establishments in some regions. There are organized marches and routes are traced, so you can enjoy the beautiful looks and the flora and the fauna.

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In some of the mountains there is possibility to go for a walk on horseback; with guides lowland trips are also included. Mountain biking is also good option in these regions as they offer very interesting paths. The mountains from the period of November to April are in good condition for skiing as there are many ski centers, some of which are regionally very popular.

Another sensation and joy to those who seek more extreme activities is white rafting on fast running rivers, on rivers such as Iskar and Struma, kayaking on the Iskar River is also enjoyable experience, best time to go fir this activity is in May and June.

In the recent years golf has been well developed in Bulgaria, famous golf players have designed some of the golf terrains in the region, for best pleasure of the visitors.

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