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All You Need to Know about Tourism Industry in India

Indian Tourism is a quite a big industry, and according to WTTC (World Travel and Tourism Council) the Indian tourism, in 2021 generated 136 billion dollars that is 6.4% of nation’s GDP. The industry is providing jobs for 39.3 million people. The sector has increased tremendously between the year 1990 to 2021 and it is predicted to grow more by every year, the growth is going to be 8.8% from 2011 to 2021. India is in 5th place for the fastest evolving tourism industry.

Visitors from Foreign Countries

In 2021 among millions of tourists around 17.9 million visitors are foreign tourist who came to India to see the authentic tourist attractions, the drastic raise of 8% when compared to the year 2020. The majority of visitors are from United States of America around 16% tourists come from US, and around 12.6 % visitors come from United Kingdom. Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Delhi are the well-liked states for overseas tourists. The most visited cities in India by foreign tourists are Chennai, Mumbai, Agra and Delhi. Chennai ranked 41st position in Worldwide of foreign tourists, Delhi ranked 50th position, Mumbai 57th and Agra 65th position in worldwide rankings of foreign visitors.

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Travel and Tourism

In the year 2021 the Competitiveness Report of Travel & Tourism ranked the outlay emulous of Indian tourism division ranked 28th from 139 countries. The report also states that Indian air transport is comparatively quite good than many other developing countries and it is ranked 39th position and also mentioned that the infrastructure for transport is at reasonable stage of development and also ranked 43rd position. Still the tourism industry in India need to make few amendments to improve the structure and also able to allure more foreign tourists by improving the accommodations facilities and other significant stuff where foreign tourist feel comfortable to visit the Ingenious India more frequently.

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