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Palma de Mallorca, the Best Destination in the Summer Europe

Spain is a great tourist destination, has a milder winters of the old continent and summer (oh what a treat!). Go to Palma de Mallorca! I just got back from there and I’m delighted, the island is great, the beaches are amazingly beautiful and has the face of Europe itself!

I recommend booking at least one week to the island. As I say Mallorca is quite large, the center is called Palma and several other neighborhoods, the most famous are Magaluf and Arenal, the first is dominated by the British and the other by the Germans.

I was staying in Palma and I loved it, it was right next to the cathedral is beautiful and huge, hosting the best option is to rent an apartment, are equipped grandinhos and super, well decorated and well kept. Book your Fridley rentals AP between the site and choose the best option!

Besides the Palma center, which is a nice, full of interesting shops, alleys, bars and delicious restaurants, the island has hundreds of beaches to suit all tastes, I liked were small insignificant calls Calas, the most special of all is Cala des Moro … is just beautiful! It is necessary to descend a stone staircase, walk a little and then a ravine, but in the end it’s worth, the film feels Leonardo Caprio of “The Beach”.

There are other Callas very cute and much easier access, indicated the Lombards and Calla Calla Mondragon, and still have the Portals of beach that is super cute and near Palma. It’s worth spending the day at one of them, you can make sandwiches, fill your shopping Styrofoam buoy and turn farofeiro same, need not be ashamed, not normal super!

To know and enjoy the island to rent a car, preferably with GPS. Unable to reach the best beaches by bus. To rent the car rental company to nominate Cars Castello behind the El Corte English (adoro!!), A network is not known, but the owner is an Argentine incredibly fresh, super, understands love and Portuguese Brazil. Their cars are not new but are super quiet and the price is affordable, plus you can keep the car there and pick up the next day, this is important because parking in the center is quite difficult.

I should mention two other points of interest on the island, one is the Cuevas del Drach, stalactite cave, similar to what we have in Minas Gerais, is very nice, the interior of the cave Unveils classical music and you can go walk from the boat to the lake. But beware! There are other caves, the penalty is only Drach.

She is on the east side of the island, in Porto Cristo. The other attraction is composed of three villages: Deia, Valldemossa and Soller, one beside the other, is super cute, seems frozen in time and the path between them is beautiful, it’s worth spending a day there.

Finally, I must mention the hours of the night. Ibiza Palma is not (just going to write a post about it later), but leaves nothing to be desired. There are several options for the night, there is a place called Maritime Passeo great number of restaurants, nightclubs and bars along the promenade of Palma, you will find Pacha and Tito `s two nightclubs that are famous and very cool! Also Passeo sea, find good places Magaluf and Arenal are super excited and also in Port Portals, which is a beautiful place, day or night!

Unfortunately, at present the cheapest ticket to Palma de Mallorca is in Iberia, companhiazinha complicated, buying online is horrible, full of unnecessary bureaucracy, but worth the price. Pack your bags and enjoy summer stool!

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