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Kigali Genocide Memorial Center in the Republic of Rwanda

The Kigali genocide memorial center in Rwanda was constructed through a joint partnership of the Aegis Trust and the county council of Kigali. The memorial acts as remembrance of the 1994 genocide attack in Rwanda where thousands of people were killed. The center is located in the Gasabo district which is about 3 kilometers out of the city center of Kigali. The memorial center is the most popular and most visited genocide center in Rwanda for its ease in accessibility. It is a few minutes’ drives from the many hotels located around Kigali or a smooth drive straight from the Kigali international airport.

The human remains

All the remains of over 258,000 people were collected from the different districts around Kigali and then buried at the memorial site. The corpses were mainly found buried in toilets and ditches all over the city. The Kigali city council has also started treating the different objects that might be used as material proof for the genocide like the bones, clothes and any weapon that was used in the heinous act.

The testimonials

The memorial genocide center also has oral testimonials that were collected from the city quarters, publications, documents, the human bones and skulls preserved and the weapons used during the attacks like clubs, swords, machetes and axes among others. There are also thousands of identity cards, photographs, rosaries, pipes, clothes and shoes all which were abandoned by the victims.

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The Kigali genocide memorial center was opened in the tenth commemoration of the genocide attack. It has the exhibition space, the archive, documentation center, a library, mass grave, memorial gardens and the peace and reconciliation center.

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