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Grenada : The Beautiful Caribbean Paradise Island

Grenada is a small island country in the Caribbean; there are several islands of which Grenada is consisted. Its name comes from the Spanish sailors who found similarity with the region of Granada in Andalusia, in Spain; it was called Granada, than Le Grenade and finally Grenade. This island country is also known as the Island of spice, because of its long production of spices, such as nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cocoa and vanilla, it is one of the major exporters of some of this spices in the world.

Tourism in Grenada is mostly focused on the region round the capital city of St. George, but slowly ecotourism takes his rise and many smaller places are also visited. There are many beautiful beaches, with white soft sands and clear waters. There are several black sand beaches on the island; it is the Levera Beach in the north of Grenada that is one of the most popular black sand beaches. But do not confuse the island as a beach resort, it has many diverse activities to do on these islands, besides swimming, sunbathing and many waters sports, on the islands you can go and visit historical forts and other historical places. There are many waterfalls and beautiful nature made pools in the natural surroundings. There are also many gardens, with rainforest plants to see.

A visit in the spice plantations is one thing you should not miss, the island are also famous for the rum distilleries, there are organized tours where you can see the production facilities and taste the rum, which is one of the most quality rum in the world. Another thing you should not miss on your visit here is the chocolate, Grenada produces one of the darkest and purest chocolate, which is great combination with the rum.

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