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Foot Trip For Spending Wonderful Holidays in Peru

As one of the countries with rich history, Peru stands out for its wonderful ancient venues with breathtaking background panoramas. Spending holidays in Peru will deliver perfect experiences, especially when visitors know which places to explore.

The first and the main choice will be Santa Cruz. Nobody should miss fantastic journey on Punta Unión, the high pass which offers magnificent views on hampering of native forests. Santa Cruz strolling is what many tourists love as they can see the beauty of Andes Panorama. Foot journey on Santa Cruz may take three to four days, depending on how experienced the hikers are. Start at Cashapampa where hikers can adjust themselves with long ascent with gentle surface. The hiking will not deliver any difficulty as there are signs along the road. Be ready with the untreated toilets on campsites, though. Starting hiking form Cashapampa is also fine though the road may be more difficult to step through. However, starting the hike from both ways can lead to standard eateries and camping areas.

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Another main destination of worldwide tourists is Cusco. The main reason is because this city mixes strong culture with vibrant lifestyle. This city is the main entrance for those who want to visit Machu Pichu, so visitors will have no shortage of amusement places, eateries. and luxury hotels. Modern public places are among several amenities that tourists will enjoy during their visits. They are mostly surprised with the unique combination of modern design bars along with old-style mansions in Inca style, not to mention the Inca-built walls.

There are still so many places to explore in Peru like Salkantay trek. This trek can be a good alternative for those who do not really like being in a crowded ambiance like Inca Trail. The panoramas are as good as other treks in the country and it also delivers a truly incredible journey for those who need to see the genuine look of Peru with its perfect combination with modern city life.

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