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Bangkok is the Most Popular Destination in Southeast Asia

It may be surprising, but Bangkok has reached its popularity among tourists throughout the world. You might wonder what makes Bangkok popular. It is true that the country only has canals instead of coastline. Even the native Bangkok rarely speaks English and the whole country’s condition is not that clean—especially with the monsoon rains which often cause small current of flood.

Surprisingly, such facts do not make tourists stop visiting this small country. It is seen from the high increased of the use of MasterCard in the country and there are about 210836 tourists this year who have flocked to the country. It seems that Bangkok’s charm is unstoppable, thanks to those cheap stuff that tourists will love from shopping, unique cuisines, magnificent temples and excellent nightlife.  Another surprising fact is that Bangkok’s airport, Suvarnabhumi’s pictures turns out to be the mostly shared pictures through Instagram.

One of the most unique parts of Bangkok is its floating markets. Tourists will surprise with the floating small boats selling massive arrays of veggies, fruits and other natural resources from the country that those Western tourists have never seen before. There is even a boat tour for enjoying markets on the water. Surely, the prices are very cheap, especially for those EU or United States tourists.

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Another amazing place is Chinatown. Though every country has Chinatown, Chinatown in Bangkok is unique in terms of history and culture, not to mention its magnificent shopping and authentic cuisines. Exploring sacred Chinese temples in very unique architectural design. Every tourist will love to shop around those shop-houses’ endless rows.  Festivals are varied from Chinese New Year and other festivals based on Chinese Lunar calendars.

Every place is easy to reach by traditional Tuk-Tuk as a traditional Bangkok vehicle. Surely, you cannot reach far away places by using this three-wheel vehicle. However, there are options for going out of town through Bangkok MRT, taxis, and BTS sky-train.

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